History of the Inn

Accommodating guests since 1950.

In the early part of the 20th century, a Philadelphia physician wanted a private summer retreat at the Jersey shore for himself and his family. At Ocean City, he was attracted to the neighborhood known as “The Gardens.” His quest was to build the home of his dreams “in the Gardens” of Ocean City. He fulfilled that desire at 48 Wesley Road.

With an eye toward good health, to provide for an unobstructed ocean breeze, the house “Inn The Gardens” was built on the center of two building lots, more than 25 feet away from the homes on either side. The top floor was added at a later date to provide rooms for the servants.

The doctor’s family owned the house at 48 Wesley Road for about a quarter century. In 1950 the Zigenfus family purchased the property and began using it as a guest house. Since the house sits directly across the street from the end of Laurel Road, they named it “Laurel Hall.”

Seventeen years later, the Orem family acquired the property. The Orems used the house primarily in the summer, sleeping in the dining and laundry rooms while hosting Laurel Hall guests in the 2nd & 3rd floor bedrooms. Mrs. Orem’s parents resided in the ground floor apartment.

Approximately seventeen years later, Dick and Pat Harris bought the home and made it a year round residence for their family. They renovated and expanded the house while continuing to serve guests. With increased services to guests, a fabulous breakfast among them, they transformed the property into “Laurel Hall Bed & Breakfast.”

Seventeen years passed again. The year 2000 ushered in a new millennium and along with it, new ownership of this magnificent home.   Jennifer Torres acquired the property and changed the name to “Inn The Gardens Bed & Breakfast”. (named that since it is in the quiet residential section of Ocean City called the Gardens) .  She has the only accommodation in the Garden Section of Ocean City since she is grandfathered in. (the zoning in this area is all residential).   Should you enjoy a location off the beaten path and away from the downtown busyness, this is the perfect spot.  It is a short walk to the beach, boardwalk, and bay side and has delicious eateries within walking distance too!  For 2020 Jennifer has redesigned her side yard and back yard for greater enjoyment of the gardens and ocean breezes as you relax Inn The Gardens!

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